Do you know who is making the decisions for you?

Do you know who is making the decisions for you?

Last week, the information about the daughter of the Kremlin’s propaganda man working as a trainee of a Eurosceptic member of the European Parliament was published in several newspapers within and outside the EU.

It goes without saying that every student these days needs to do an internship, and Yelizaveta Peskova is not an exception. Being a trainee at the European Parliament is a great experience that I lived myself. As a graduate with a degree in European Law and Studies, I gained a priceless insight that became the foundation of my future work in European affairs in Brussels.

The case of Ms Peskova is quite particular though, since her father is the spokesman and, therefore, one of the closest allies of the President of Russia, making him one of the most influential people in the world.

The values this man of influence represents go contrary to what the European Union stands for and the recruitment of his daughter at a European institution is just another example of the possible interference of Russia in the EU political process. There have been numerous reports of the support Russian political elite has provided to the Eurosceptic and far-right parties.

If you think it is just fearmongering, think twice. Did you imagine a realistic possibility that Trump could become the US President, or that the Brexit vote will result in the mess you are reading about every week in your new updates?

And remember, there are countries where your vote does not matter (including mine) since everything is decided for you in advance. But you actually do have a choice. Get out and vote for people who will defend the values the Union is built on! Don’t let anyone steal your right to choose!

Photo: Pixabay